Under my Umbrella

I’m blogger by passion and have my page ‘Under my Umbrella‘ wherein I share my wonderful experiences what I explore in this journey called life. I thoroughly believe that our lives take us to places and with every step we add lessons, learnings and memories to this beautiful journey. I cherish every tiny things in life and share my views and experiences with my fam. My page is about touching base with our daily life and our rendouzous with goodvibes. With this page I feel connected to my tribe and the vibe and wishes of my followers keep me going, it challenges me to go beyond and also adds a beautiful flavour to my life. I’m a lifestyle blogger and talks about fitness, travel, fashion and food. These 4 things stand equally important in my life as I’m a fitness freak, I don’t believe in being skinny, I believe in being healthy and confident. Travelling gives me motivation to explore different cultures and learn humanity up and close. Yes, I do like arriving in style, but fashion for me is beyond brands, it stands for my comfort and how it adds to my confidence. Last but not the least, I talk about food. Experiencing world cuisine, flavours and learning new ways to create magic in kitchen comes to me from my mother.

Amita Pathak  Sachar

I take an opportunity to introduce myself. Grown up in a family closely associated with Indian cinema, I got an opportunity to go places and with this I mastered the eye to find brilliance even in small things.

I studied acting at the Kishore Namit Kapoor Acting Academy and the Shiamak Davar Institute of Performing Arts and my career as an Executive Producer in the Award winning film Omkara. After which I did films like Haal-e-dil, Aakrosh, Bittoo Boss, as an Actor in Bollywood and a couple of Punjabi films as well. I have also produced movies like Aatma and Athithi tum kab jaoge.

Adding all these feathers in my cap, I also own an advertising agency ‘Brain On Rent’ www.brainonrent.net based out of Mumbai, through which my experience of working with brands and understanding consumer needs come handy.