Travel Is The Healthiest Addiction


I truly believe that travel is the most healthy addiction as it only makes you a better person. It makes you more aware about different cultures, how to be happy with less, makes you more independent and confident. You can learn so many different Languages, Recipes and so much more. I am an absolute travel freak and I can’t function properly if I don’t travel for a while. It’s  like oiling a machinery thats been working for a while. Lucky for me, Raghav (my husband) and now Kiaan (my son) are also travel monkeys and its crazy when we, the family of three, head out on a holiday.

So a lot of people ask me how do I manage to travel so much considering that I have a two and a half year old baby, heading a company, running a house, running my blog and all that other stuff that I do in my life ? Well the answer is, that Raghav and me both are absolutely hands on with Kiaan, which is like winning half the battle while we are out there. Also the fact that Kiaan has been traveling since the age of 3 months, make it more at ease as he is an absolute travel baby.

Through my blog I want to share my travel experience which would include different places, itineraries, transport, stay, shopping,  food and everything you need to know along with the pictures. Here I will be uploading my new as well as my old travels too. Hope you guys enjoy and like whats coming your way.

Scroll down to see pictures from my different trips…

Rodeo Drive – Los Angeles

Champs Elysees Avenue – Paris

Day Shopping Street – Hong Kong

Sheraton Hotel – Hua Hin

Vagator – Goa

Universal Studio – Los Angeles


I am all excited to take you guys with me on my different journeys in different parts of the world, so keep logging and keep reading. There is a lot coming your way from my recent travel to New Zealand & Australia.


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