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My 2 Favourite Foundations

With the right foundation, any woman can look like she naturally has even, perfect skinBOBBI BROWN .

And I absolutely agree to this. Finding the right foundation for ur skin type and skin colour is the most important aspect of your makeup skills. Of course I realised this after years of thinking that I was good with makeup?. And then started the real hunt for the PERFECT FOUNDATION. Many options came and went but my search continued for what I could call the PERFECT FOUNDATION for myself. I am blessed with good skin, (thanks to my mum and her genes ?) I have always been a natural skin care, natural face packs, natural beauty kind of a girls and hence I always preferred natural looking makeup base.

My search ended 2 and a half  years back, when I was in Dubai at Saphora in Dubai Mall, of course hunting for my PERFECT FOUNDATION  and I came across my NOW favourite NARS. Frankly speaking, I had heard about the brand before but wasn’t much aware of it. Thanks to Instagram that we can keep ourselves upto dated these days ( I am talking about being updated about the fashion and make up world and not politics, stock market etc) So I picked up NARS as my main foundation for special occasion. And now I needed one more PERFECT FOUNDATION  for my daily or rather regular outings. Soon I found that too while I was at the L’oreal counter at the Mumbai International Airport. l’OREAL INFALLIBLE STAY FRESH 24H is my daily or rather mostly used foundation.


In todays post I will give you some information about these 2 favourite foundations of mine and why I love them.

So let me start with  ??


L’oreal Infallable foundation is a 24 hours stay on and maximum coverage foundation. It is absolutely easy to work with due to it’s amazing texture. It is perfect for brush application as it just glides on the skin. It comes in variety of different shades. I picked up the shade 125 the NATURAL ROSE for myself. I wouldn’t say I have fair complexion but yes its in-between fair and wheatish, whatever shade that suppose to be. It works very well to cover the marks and blemishes. I use it for my everyday use as it is very light and I don’t feel heavy on my face through out the day. It does not leave white patches so when you taking pictures you don’t end up looking like a clown.


Product Pro’s and Con’s


✅ Very bendable.

✅ Last 6 to 8 hours

✅ Packaging is very good


❎ It does transfer

❎ Some people might find it heavy for daily use ( not me )

PRICE : MRP : 1200/-         From www.nykaa.com : RS : 960/-

Stars : 4/5


THIS IS AN AMAZING FOUNDATION and I am in love with this one. This foundation is a dream. It’s a dream that every girl lives, to have the most amazing looking skin. It does full justice to its name with the kind of glow that it gives. It just absorbs into the skin so well that the skin looks absolutely nude, yet so luminous. It come in a bottle without a pump but you have an option of buying a pump separately. I dint think I needed a pump so I dint buy it. It has medium to full coverage and leave the skin absolutely spotless. My skin look so much brighter and the glow is unexplainable. Its provides weightless and buildable coverage and woks for all skin type.


Product Pro’s and Con’s .


✅ Absolutely weightless

✅ Provides spotless coverage, can be used for under eyes too.

✅ Lots of shade available

✅ Suits all skin type

✅ Looks absolutely natural in the photos


❎ Expensive ( but I feel it’s worth it )

❎  A pump mechanism should have been included in the price.

PRICE : It costed me around 2500/-  as I picked it up from Dubai.

www.strawberrynet.com has it for RS : 3,111/-  but as i have not used this website I cant say how genuine the product would be.

My suggestion, call for it from abroad if you want it.

Stars : 5/5

Here are the 2 different pictures with each foundation .


                              L’oreal Infallible Stay Fresh 24H Foundation                    Nars Sheer Glow Foundation


Hope you guyz enjoyed reading my blog and got some clarity incase you planing to pick up any of these foundations.

And incase you still have any question please leave it down below in the comment section and i will try and answer all your questions.


Keep reading and stay beautiful.

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Thanks for sharing. Choosing a perfect foundation has been on my mind since forever. Shall definitely try the L’Oréal one from nyakaa. Keep posting and blogging, I feel your tips are very genuine and works for me in my daily routine as well ??

Hey Reet thank you so much for the motivation.
Keep reading and stay beautiful
lots of love.

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