My New Apple Watch Series 3

I dont remember myself as much of a technology person, but last few years I have been indulging in a few Gismos. Of late I have developed a very high level of interest in Technology with the kind of options that we have available around us. I am at present crushing over 2 of my current possessions, my Canon G7x Camera and my birthday gift  Apple Watch Series 3 Rose Gold by my darling husband. I had an Apple Watch before too, which was with me for a year, till my son flew it in the air, as I saw it landing on the ground and cracking into pieces. But after a long wait I finally got it back and that too in my favourite colour. This one is a sports collection and is a beautiful looking piece, so classy, so elegant, so perfect. In this blog I am going to give you some information about Apple Watch and why I love it so much.

The Watch

Apple Watch comes in 3 Collections, 6 Finishes, 18 Bands, 2 Sizes and 11 Faces. The watch has very cool functions which you may know if you are an apple user. This one is water proof, which means that you can swim with it. It has a cool function where you can flush out the water incase there is any that has gone in. The watch comes in 2 sizes like I said, 38mm version, and a slightly larger 42mm. Mine is 32mm as the 42mm was big for my hand.

My Birthday Gift – By Raghav


There are 11 options which I have listed below and every option is so different from each other. My Favourite is the Micky Mouse as he tells you the time in his cute voice, takes me back to your childhood when I was a crazy Micky fan.  My another favourite is the Photo as I can keep my baby Kiaan’s picture as a display on my watch.

And here are all the 11 faces to choose from:

  • Chronograph
  • Color
  • Modular
  • Timelapse
  • Solar
  • Astronomy
  • Motion
  • Utility
  • Mickey Mouse
  • Simple
  • Photo

Workout App

This is the most amazing function that Apple Watch offers. The workout list starts with outdoor walk , outdoor run and goes on to swimming, high intensity workout, cycling and many more options. It counts your steps, heart rate, Active calories, Total Calories, BPM. It helps to you to track your workout thought out the day and set goals. It is the best workout buddy you can ask for.

My Favourite – Workout App


Now there are 6 Finishes and 18 Bands with wide range for colour options, from red, blue, white, balck, Rose Gold and the list goes on and on. My last watch was in black colour so this time I wanted the rose gold . Now the Rose Gold is this stunning piece that goes for your evening and day look both. So I don’t have to keep changing it for my different looks. It definitely is a more girly colour and looks stunning.

1. Link Bracelet    2. Sports Band    3. Leather Loop.     4. Classic Buckle     5. Modern Buckle       6. Milanese Loop

Away from your phone?

Now this is one of the best and the main functions of an Apple Watch. If you are away from your phone you don’t have to run to the other room to receive your call because you will  receive all your calls on your Apple watch and you can receive them. You will not miss any messages anymore as all your messages will be received on your watch and you can reply to them by giving audio instructions to Siri which she will type and send as your reply. Now how helpful is that while driving, swimming, working out. Its all on your Watch.

Connect Via Bluetooth To Your Mac And iPhone

Hope you guyz enjoyed reading the blog. I am off to my workout now.

And you guyz have a fabulous week ahead ?

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